The house, was built around 1914 and has three storeys, although all guest rooms are situated on the first floor. We have kept and maintained many of the original features. The stained glass windows have been restored and encapsulated between double glazing.

The house is set in a beautiful, walled garden which has been revamped and given a facelift for the 2017 season. The plants have been carefully chosen for the coastal area to give colour and fragrance during the spring/summer months.

​The garden is well maintained all year round and we do our best to ensure that guests can enjoy this little sanctuary at their leisure.

The outside of the house has been newly painted for the 2016 season in a pale blue which looks, cheerful and inviting and we have been told, seasidey! A stunning water feature was added to one end of the garden to enhance guest experience.

A garden seat is available for guests to use.

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