Coronavirus Update

As the country is gripped by a surge in Coronavirus cases here at the Grosvenor View we have made some necessary changes and adaptions to our normal service.

Our loyal friends and guests all know that we take our responsibilities seriously and the impact that Coronavirus could have to some of our guests would be devastating to us, as well as to their extended families and friends. We are therefore asking everyone to read the following information carefully and to please follow our rules and those set out by our Government to ensure that everyone stays safe and healthy and so we can all enjoy our future freedoms.

The decisions we have made have not been taken lightly and have been taken following the latest Government advice.

On arrival, guests will be asked to use either their own sanitiser or the one provided at the front door before entering the building. Face coverings, although not mandatory, we are kindley asking that you continue to wear one within public areas of the Grosvenor View (unless exempt). This includes the hallway, staircase, landing and dining room unless seated at your table.
For the time being we will be asking that full payment is made the day before arrival to ensure that there is minimal contact between us and you our guests. Cash payment can be made on the day of arrival if requested.
Unfortunately, we will be unable to assist with luggage to your room, unless absolutely necessary.
For cleaning purposes and to stop unnecessary traffic through reception we are currently asking that guests on the day of departure vacate no later than 9.30am and that all luggage is taken with them. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to some of our guests but we cannot for the time being allow people to re-enter the building in case we have arranged a check in time for someone else.
Cleaning of high touch areas including banisters, door handles, gate catch, window catches etc will be cleaned on a regular basis using disinfectants.
Keys will be sanitised after each use and bagged so that guests know they have been cleaned.
We will be servicing our rooms throughout your stay with us but request that you complete the room service check list and bring it down to breakfast with you so that we can replenish your service tray for you along with any bin liners, toilet rolls etc that you may require for a comfortable stay with us.
You will notice that some of the items normally included in your room have been removed ie cushions, glasses (replaced with disposable plastic glasses). You will also notice that the tv remotes have been sanitised and bagged, this will be replaced after each guest and will be sealed with a sticker, we ask guests to refrain from removing the bags, the remotes will work through the plastic.

  • Our breakfast and evening dinner times will be staggered for the time being, on arrival you will be given a time to come down for breakfast and dinner if you are having evening dinner with us. We kindly ask that guests please arrive down to breakfast on time to ensure that we have enough time between sittings to clean and that the dining room is vacated before the next guest come down. We again, apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause some of our guests.  Breakfast and evening dinner has been timed to ensure that you are not rushed and have plenty of time to enjoy our delicious food.
  • You will notice in the dining room that our jars of cereals, for the time being have been removed and have been replaced with the small individual packets of cereals which will be on the table ready for you. We will do our very best to accommodate everyone’s tastes but obviously we will be restricted to what is available in the individual packets.
  • You will also notice that our little Jam and Marmalade pots and our unique butter oblongs have been replaced with the pre-packed butter pats and smaller jam pots (this will be a temporary measure we can assure you).
  • You will be allocated a table throughout your stay, you are kindly asked to remain seated in the dining room (unless illness or accident) please use a face covering when entering or leaving the dining room.
  • Your meals will be brought to you as usual, piping hot from the kitchen and will be left on the table next to where you are sitting. You will then be able to help yourself from there.
  • If you are having evening dinner with us, all cold starters will be placed at your table before you enter the dining room.
  • PLEASE NOTE for the time being it will be a set evening dinner menu, we will endeavour to ensure that all our guests tastes are met.
  • We would like to thank each and every one of our friends and guests for their continued support during this unprecedented time.

We know that each and everyone of you want things to go back to normal, we can only achieve this if we all follow the guidance from the Government, restrictions have eased and most of us have been vaccinated, but for the time being take care and stay safe, not long to go now.

Finally, we are taking bookings for 2022 and into the new year, bookings will be spaced out and strict times will have to be adhered to for checking in and departing to allow for extra cleaning that will have to be done.

Finally, we appreciate that all Government restrictions have now been removed but we at the Grosvenor View kindly ask that guests wear a face covering and social distance from others not within your household.  Hopefully, by continuing to follow these measures, we can help stop the spread of Coronavirus.